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GPS Tracking for your Jet SKI

Wed, May/18/2011

Vigil Marine recently unveiled Vigil Geo, a competitively priced, cutting-edge product designed to deter thieves and lower insurance premiums by monitoring boats remotely and tracking them in real-time. 

Vigil Geo is a low-cost, high-performance GPS tracking and monitoring device that is completely managed by cell phone. This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use device can be installed in boats, outboards, jet-skis and other land and watercraft. It gives owners an edge over thieves who can spot and disable most security systems in a matter of minutes. 

“Vigil Geo is a spin-off product of our very successful industrial M2M line of products, and we are thrilled with the results,” Frank Hardie of Vigil Marine said. “We were looking for a boat monitor/tracker that was simple to install and use, compact, extremely rugged, that addressed the very pressing need for monitoring unattended boats, outboard engines, jet skis—anything that is mobile. Vigil Geo does that and more very effectively and economically.”

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the majority of watercraft stolen are under 20-feet in length and are never seen again by their owners. Locked doors and steel cables can only do so much. Vigil Geo offers an enhanced level of security that can be accessed anytime, and anywhere you have cell phone coverage.

Vigil Geo leverages the GSM SMS network, the most ubiquitous and reliable form of communication worldwide, into a comprehensive tracking and monitoring tool. Because all alerts are sent to your cell phone via text message, it eliminates the need for costly monthly monitoring services other devices require.

Just insert the GSM SMS card into Vigil Geo, mount the unit using the supplied mounting bracket onto your boat or inside the outboard engine, and input a few simple commands from your cell phone. And just like that, you’ve activated a virtual shield around your asset and bought yourself a good night’s sleep.

For example, with the appropriate command you set a “geo fence” around your asset. If it’s tampered with or travels outside of this pre-set radius, Vigil Geo will instantly send a text message to up to four cell phones. A direct phone app link to  Google Earth plots the boats location. If it is still moving you can literally stop the thieves in their tracks with the Vigil Geo kill-switch function.

Vigil Geo is the best First Mate you’ll ever have on board. In addition to notifying you of intruders and vandals, it monitors battery voltage, bilge levels, low voltage, loss of shore power, temperature readings and other output controls, and can send a warning message if any of these measurements reach critical levels. You can also use your phone to call up real-time status reports anytime you’re on shore, then go about your business knowing your investment is safe and secure.

This device was designed take a beating, so you can mount it directly on the boat or outboard engine block. The water-resistant Vigil Geo has no external antennas and can withstand challenging marine environments – even a dunking won’t hinder its performance.

“There’s no other system on the market today that offers this level of protection for the price,” Hardie said.

Look for Vigil Geo at your local marine chandlery or contact Vigil Marine at email info@vigilmarineco.com.

Visit Thier site at http://vigilmarineco.com/geo_gps_tracking_monitoring_control_device.html
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